Health & Safety

Dear Bright Start Friends,

We hope this letter finds you healthy and safe.  At Bright Start, we are looking forward to re-opening our doors, and getting the chance to work with our children and families once again.

As we continue to recover from this COVID-19 pandemic and navigate our way towards regaining more normalcy in our daily lives, it is imperative that we continue to be thoughtful and diligent in our efforts, which is the reason we are reaching out to you today. We would like to share with you the steps we are currently taking to create a safer and healthier environment. The continued health and safety of our children, parents, and staff is of the utmost importance to us.

The MA Dept. of EEC has created minimum requirements for Health and Safety for all childcare programs who plan to reopen. We are currently developing procedures and protocols based on the requirements and guidance from the state, and they include the following:

  • Purchasing and installing an air purification system (AeraMax Pro 4) in the classrooms and office spaces. Although not required by EEC, this system is designed to eliminate airborne pollutants, viruses, germs, and removes 99% of air contaminants, and provides an extra measure of protection.
  • Reviewing and updating our current cleaning plan with increases to the amount and frequency of cleaning and disinfecting before, during, and after operating hours. This includes classrooms, bathrooms, office space, and materials and equipment.
  • Working with our local Board of Health to ensure appropriate local protocols and guidelines are followed.
  • Discussions with our Health Care Consultant as to the effectiveness of our updated Health Care Policy.
  • Developing drop-off and pick-up procedures with daily screening practices to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Acquiring and maintaining an adequate supply of cleaning and sanitizing solutions and wipes, along with PPE equipment (masks, gloves, outer coverings) when in close contact with, and/or holding infants and toddlers.
  • Increased handwashing requirements that include children washing hands after using shared toys, and equipment.
  • Adapting our classroom space to promote physical distancing and minimize sharing.
  • Developing a schedule that always allows for the prevention of contact between groups during the day.

As we approach our re-opening date of June 29, 2020, we will be meeting with our staff to present the new Health and Safety requirements, ask questions, and discuss ways to change and improve on our protocols.

All staff will also receive additional training provided by the Dept. of EEC, prior to re-opening. Whether you are new to our program, a returning family, or looking for childcare, we hope you find this useful and informative.

On behalf of our program owners, Brian and Miranda White, our staff, and myself, thank you! for visiting our website.  Please continue to stay healthy and safe.

Thank you!

Patricia White, Director

Everyone must answer the following questions each day before dropping your child off. You may complete it up to 16 hours prior to 8:00 am but no earlier, answers are timestamped. Please note, no one is allowed to enter the school until this form has been completed and verified by staff. Fill out a new form daily for each child attending.